Sherm's Mounts is a customized way of mounting graphs. The concept originated because of the demand for bigger graphs on the dash of BassCat Boats and I designed and custom built several mounts for my customers. Because of their popularity, I now offer this service to all of my BCB owners. Each mount is hand built for the boat model's console design and the graph being used. The SMM1 advantage dash mount for the BCB Sabre-Pantera lines will accommodate a Humminbird up to the 900 series and Lowrance up to the HDS 9 Touch. For the premium console, we have the SMM2 mount that allows mounting for the biggest graphs available. No graph is too big. We can mount the Humminbird up to 1100 series or Lowrance HDS all the way to the new HDS12. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have or to order yours today. You can also fill out the form below and we will process your order.

All Sherm’s Mounts are built using 3/16” aluminum plate to hold the weight of even the biggest graphs. Stainless steel mounting hardware, drilled and ready to mount the graph, is included. The finishing touch is a BassCat “Feel The Rush” decal in color match to your gauge bezels!

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* SMM1 is $95.00 • * SMM2 is $110.00 (cost includes shipping)

* Choice of  SMM1 or SMM2 is based on your boat model

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