Why Choose Bass Cat Boats?

Since 1971, Bass Cat Boats has been totally committed to building the best boat on the market. They have been rewarded for that committment with numerous customer service awards and, more importantly, a loyal customer base that believes in their committment. Bass Cat Boats is the longest operating bass boat builder in the industry...read more

Total Commitment. No Compromise.

Today, Yar-Craft has secured it's heritage as part of the Correct Craft family. We fully intend to embrace the passionate Yar-Craft following, while raising the bar through premium raw materials and innovations. ar-Craft's manufacturing has evolved to mirror proprietary processes that elevate our bass boats above others...read more

The Industry's Best Warranty. Period.

For over 50 years, our family has been dedicated to building aluminum fishing boats that deliver great experiences for all types of anglers. Our innovative hull designs lead the way in hole-shot performance, handling and ride quality. And our commitment to excellence means you can count on a Smoker Craft for best-in-class quality and reliability. Most importantly, we offer feature-packed models to fit every budget...read more

Making Waves. Creating Memories.

There's no easier way for you and your family to get out on the water than on a great SunChaser pontoon. These beauties have high horsepower capacity for exhilarating water sports and high-spirited cruising, and optional X-Treme Performance Strakes let you take the excitement to a whole new level. You can count on SunChaser for exceptional...read more

Go Boldly

The world is 71% water. And for those bold enough to reach out and explore it, 100% awesome. The spirit of Go Boldly lives inside the passionate, spontaneous, secure, and curious. Mercury Marine has proudly spent over 75 years living this spirit, creating the tools that give those passionate about being on the water the ability to Go Boldly in the pursuit of their ultimate on-the-water experiences...read more

Keeping You on Fish in all Conditions

Though the trolling motor technology was there for almost 30 years, no one had built upon the basic concepts. Fishermen everywhere were becoming frustrated, and looking for ways that their trolling motor could work for them. Better, faster, stronger... and MotorGuide was born....read more

Fisherman Who Know, Know MINN KOTA

What do the best anglers on the planet all have in common? Our name on the side of their trolling motor. For more than 80 years, fishermen have relied on us to build cutting edge, tough-as-nails trolling motors that take take them Anywhere. Anytime...read more

Extremely light weight

Through precise engineering and an open model design, Power-Pole adds a mere 13 to 27 pounds to the transom, allowing you to maintain speed and shallow water performance...read more