I originally started building a mount for my Bass Cat customer's consoles that would give them the ability to mount a bigger graph at the console than what would fit in-dash of the console as factory installed and cover the hole left by the old smaller graph that started with the in-dash graphs back around 2003 and as we all know graph size has grown beyond what any of dreamed of back in the day. Today I build mounts for every BCB model from the Sabre & Sabre FTD up to the Jaguar. If it's a BCB and originally came with an in-dash graph I build a Sherm's Mount for it. Some consoles are still not able to accommodate the 12" or more units of today but we'll give you options to go bigger than the boat's console was ever designed for.

I build the following mounts and they are custom built for the boat/console along with the graph(s) of your choice in most cases and finished off with a color coordinating Bass Cat decal to your gauge bezel color. As I said before some just can't fit a 12" graph and still give you visual view of gauges and in some cases, they are just too tall to safely give you the needed vision over the graph while driving your boat so I have the right to refuse building any mount that I feel will jeopardize safety from interfering with driver's vision during operation the boat and not responsible for loss of gauge visibility.

Each of these mounts are custom built personally by your's truly and at busy times of the year it unfortunately can take more time than any of us like. I have to give priority to the day to day of the dealership so if at all possible please try and order your mount in our slower times such as late fall over winter thru early spring. Once everything cuts loose for the boating/fishing season there just isn't enough hours in the day for me to get them built in as timely a manner.

Mount Models price includes shipping

  • SMM1 Advantage Original Console Sabre, Pantera's $125.00
  • SMM1C Pantera Classic's and similar consoles $135.00
  • SMM1DBL is a double mount for mounting dual graph units $170.00
  • SMM2 is for the original console used in Cougar FTD, Puma & Puma FTD $135.00
  • SMM3 is for the original Eyra style console $145.00
  • SMM3L is a larger version for the newer premium console $175.00
  • SMM3LDBL is for dual units on same prem. Unit console $225.00
  • SMM4 is for the late model prem. console $175.00 (Had bigger graph in-dash)
  • SMM4DBL is for the dual mounts $225.00
  • SMM5 is for late model Advantage Console $150.00
  • SMM5DBL is dual graph mount for SMM5 $225.00

As you can see it gets a little complicated as Bass Cat Boats has used several versions of consoles in the last 14 years or so of in-dash consoles so when you fill out the form just make sure you fill out every line question. I build I your mount from that form and will be priced accordingly.

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